Ladder of guilt

Stop motion, visual effects. 

Direction: Mor Galperin.

Music composer: Shoham Manela.
Made in collaboration with anat dreamer and the Incubator Theater.


Tel Aviv streets

live action, CG. 

Direction: Mor Galperin and Hadas Coen.

Music composer: Shoham Manela.

Swimschool trailer

stop motion, collage, CG. 

Direction: Mor Galperin and Ophir Levi.

Music composer: Amit May Cohen.

holy city

2d animation with effects.

Direction: Mor Galperin and Inbal Benzur.

Music composer: Amit May Cohen and Ras Ezra.

In Jerusalem It’s not unusual to wake up in the morning and find that all the outdoor ads near your house that depict women have been defaced.

Stress race

Cutout animation in after effect.


Stop motion animation with ready made.

Direction: Mor Galperin and Ophir Levy and i-chie anna lu.

food and consumer culture.


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